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Ali Bailey

Strength Coach

Ali's love for sports and fitness started at a young age. Growing up with 2 older brothers taught her to be tough and to stay strong even when all odds were against her.. She carried this with her throughout her athletic career playing competitive soccer and basketball until finishing high school. During high school she discovered a passion for doing hair... making people feel beautiful was her greatest desire. After 4 years in the business, owning her own shop and becoming a mother of twins, her career in cosmetology came to an end but the desire to help others continued . This led her to her career in the fitness industry. Six months after giving birth, she got ACE certified and today is 3 years into her lifelong fitness career. Ali offers all different types of training. From group bootcamp and insanity classes to 1-on-1 Personal and small group training. As a mother, her desire to help children be the best they can be mentally and physically has been implemented into her training as well. She works with athletes as well as children that are not participating in sports that need to stay active. 

"Be Strong when you are weak•Be brave when you are scared•Be humble when you are victorious “

To Always give your best effort. The only time you fail is the moment you stop trying.

Ali offer's: group classes, personal training, small group training and young athlete sports training 



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