1X Weekly (Thursday) Ladies Only Total Body Group Training

1X Weekly (Thursday) Ladies Only Total Body Group Training

Calling all our Proformance Mommas and their friends!! 2021 is officially here and if there is anything we learned during 2020 it’s that a HEALTHY MIND AND BODY is PRICELESS! We are so excited to announce our new LADIES ONLY group training here at Proformance! Starting January 19th, these classes with be offered twice a week on TUESDAY and THURSDAY mornings at 9:30 AM. Each class will be a TOTAL BODY workout! Classes will be focused on strength, stamina, and flexibility. We will incorporate free weights, machines, resistance bands, body weight exercises, HIIT, TABATA, BOXING and BOOTCAMP style workouts to create the perfect total body blowout during each class. The class format will change up constantly. This approach will keep your muscles guessing, eliminate workout boredom, keep your mind open and fresh, push you to try new things, and create a fun and competitive environment...Because who doesn’t like a little friendly competition? Even when you’re competing against yourself! All workout levels are welcome, and we encourage you to bring a friend. Friends can be your best accountability partner! These classes will help you reach your health and fitness goals no matter what they may be. Weight loss, toning, maintenance...all the above can be achieved by incorporating these type of workouts into your weekly routine. We can’t wait to see you!!
Our LADIES ONLY, TOTAL BODY classes will be lead and created by Carly Moseley. Wife of Proformance owner, Dustin Moseley, and Momma to Proformance athlete, Cooper Moseley, and future Proformance athlete, Avery Moseley. Carly is ASF certified in Group Training and Bootcamp Instruction. She has been a private boxing instructor for 3 years and has had a passion for health and fitness since her collage days at the University of Arkansas...GO HOGS! She is excited to bring her passion and knowledge to the Proformance family and to provide a specific type of training that all busy mommas (and their friends) can enjoy! Let’s go ladies!!!!!!


Reserve your spot at PROFORMANCELR.COM/SHOP-1 and look for LADIES GROUP TRAINING!

2 Classes Per Week Membership $100/month 
1 Class Per Week Membership $50/month


**For apparel, please allow 3-5 days to ship** 

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