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Catching Camp 1.0 (Member)

Catching Camp 1.0 (Member)


“Blocking In The Rock” 1.0 (4 Week Camp) is brought to you by Proformance Instructor, Troy Flowers.


Catchers will become better at all aspects of the position including but not limited to: stances, receiving, blocking, throwing to bases, game calling, pitcher management, footwork on plays at the plate and bunts, catching popups, game management and communication skills, and improvising.



July 23rd     (Tuesday)

July 30th     (Tuesday)

August 6th  (Tuesday)

August 13th (Tuesday)



Members: $140

Non-Members: $200



(8-10) 5:00pm-6:15pm

(11-15) 6:30pm-7:45pm



Proformance 2 "Riverfront"1021 Jessie Rd., Ste. J Little Rock, AR 72202


Sessions will last Approx. 75 Minutes and Players must bring: cup, catcher’s gear (shin guards, chest protector, and mask or skull and mask), catcher’s mitt, athletic shoes. Shorts or pants are acceptable.


“Blocking In The Rock” will focus on:

  • Setups and stances
  • Blocking
  • Receiving
  • Throwing & pop times
  • Plays at the plate
  • Pop ups
  • Bunts
  • Video analysis
  • Mobility


Come learn and sharpen your skills at the most comprehensive catching camp around!


With effort and focus BLOCKING should never slump!

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