Taygan Whitten

Pitching Coach

Taygan Whitten focuses his studies in Kinesiology. His main priority is keeping a student athlete healthy. “The main reason I’m moving to Arkansas is to learn behind Dustin Moseley, he really cares about advancing an athlete in the healthiest fashion.” 

Taygan is an Instructor based out of central Louisiana. He played at Southwest Mississippi for two years (where he finished with the third best era in school history) and then transferred to Louisiana State University of Alexandria. He has instructed and coached in Alexandria for many years and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and love for the game with Arkansas area athletes. He took his 12u team to Dallas, Texas competing against 40 teams in the World Series and finished FIRST. “It was a lot of detailed preparation, hard work and prayers that allowed us to win the last game of the season.” Taygan really enjoys teaching the game to those who are eager to learn and will be a valued addition to the Proformance family. 

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