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Gentry Miller

Strength Coach

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Gentry Miller is the Strength & Conditioning Coach from NLR, AR. He is broadly versed in Exercise Science and has a rooted background in Concepts of Athletic Training. He received his certificate in Personal Training with the International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) and CPR/AED certified with the American Heart Association. 



Gentry is experienced in athletics being a multi-sport athlete but saw big strides as a football player. He attended Arkansas State University where he played football. As an Outside linebacker he was easily able to adapt and gain the size he needed to compete. He put on 20lbs in 2 months while maintaining his unique speed and agility putting him in the top 15 for the dash time and vertical jump as a freshman. During the off-season, former Tennessee, and Cincinnati Head Coach Butch Jones allowed Gentry to lead a group of teammates through a second workout before their weekly team meetings, resulting in more PRs seen by the team.


After Football, Gentry worked as an Intern at Back in Action Chiropractic clinic, voted best clinic in Arkansas by Region 8,where he was trusted as the Corrective Exercise and Rehabilitation Instructor. Since then Gentry spent time as the Personal Training Director for a billion dollar Private Enterprise. He also was the head instructor of his own private boot camp focusing on strength and endurance. Gentry tailors workouts based on an athlete’s needs, level of mechanics, weak points and goals. He brings an intense and positive atmosphere to motivate athletes to be competitive and meet their highest form of athletic capability. His programs consist of training for general fitness, speed, agility, power, strength, endurance as well as functional and specific training teaching multiple muscles to cooperate and work jointly.

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