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Our goal at Proformance Sports Academy is to make available the best coaching staff and innovative training facilities to help ballplayers reach their full potential in the greatest sport on Earth. We provide a safe learning atmosphere with resources to help each individual player reach their ceiling of potential and compete at the highest level possible. Proformance was created for the athlete who is passionate to become the greatest on and off the field!

Data is the number 1 key to measuring each players progress. We invest in our athletes and facilities to provide them with everything they need to reach their highest potential. We know what college and professional scouts are looking for and we deliver the facilities and equipment to help each player get noticed. Whether its through our radar guns and LED boards, HitTrax or Rapsodo, we give each player goals and supply the technology that will lead to them getting noticed!


Our state of the art gym is comprised of the same strength training equipment that is used in the MLB, NBA, NHL and NFL. Power Lift, Keiser, Freemotion are a few of our pieces used to prepare every athlete for each season of every sport. We believe in training specifically for each sport! We preach correct forms of movements and we reduce injury risk by using a Functional Training approach. We train smart in the gym to prepare you for the court or field. Injuries that occur in the gym are usually a result from a flaw in form or lack of education or preparation for the specific movement. We have specific plans depending on each sport or time of season. Our training strategies help each athlete gain the strength, mobility, agility, and most importantly flexibility they need to reduce injury and promote recovery.  We are the one stop shop for all of your training needs!

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