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Training Facilities

Proformance  "Riverfront"

Arkansas' #1 Training Facility


Proformance Sports Academy is a 26,000 sq ft facility that provides a home for all of our members and teams who want to take their game to the next level!

The clubhouse/lounge area will provide a comfortable, inviting environment for our clients and their parents to take advantage of while they are waiting. Our lounge provide’s a 65” Tv, free WiFi, and bar style seating in order for you to watch what is going on “on the field”.  We also have a break room with another 65” Tv, additional seating and Team/Parent Classroom. PROFORMANCE apparel, bats and all supplement needs are displayed and available for purchase as well.

    Proformance Baseball & Softball Academy  Training Area:

  • Over 16,000 sq. feet of Padded Turf

  • 10 Batting Tunnels/Bullpen pitching areas with Radar Gun's and Velocity Boards

  • 6 Hack Attack Pitching Machines

  • Hittrax

  • Trackman Pitching

  • Music throughout facility for incredible vibe


    Proformance Elite Training Gym:

  • 8000 sq. foot fully Functioning Gym

  • Top of the line equipment such as Power-Lift, Keiser, Pro Boardz and much, much more!

  • Music throughout to Supercharge your Workout

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