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Zach Habarka

Strength Coach

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Zach Habarka was born here in Little Rock, Arkanasas. He began is collage baseball career at Arkansas State University. After his freshman year, he followed his infield coach to New Mexico Military Institute where he continued to be a standout pitcher. After attending NMMi for two years, he was voted one of the Top Junior College players in his conference as a pitcher and was invited to play in the Junior College All-Star game. After his time in Junior College, Zach pursued his baseball career at Northwestern State University as a closer. 

 The following year, Zach began to work with Dustin Moseley at Proformance. This is where he found his new passion in personal training. He enjoys developing new exercises and movements to help athletes improve in their given sport through strength and coordination. Creating work out programs for his athletes, as well as educating them on the importance of proper food, rest and stretching is very important to Zach. Understanding that all these things go hand in hand toward becoming the best possible athlete is something he passes on to each of his clients. Zach doesn’t just train his athletes physically, but he also teaches them the importance of being mentally fit as well. Training athletes to get just 1% better each day is what Zach and the Proformance staff strive to do.

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